Australian Terrier Dog Breed

Australian Terrier Dog Breed

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Australian Terrier Dog Breed

Australian Terrier Dog Breed Information

One very popular and intelligent breed of dog is the Australian Terrier. It is a working dog, as well as a companion. As its name implies, the Australian Terrier is native to the Australian Outback. Its development and breeding has been adapted over time to assist in the work of the owner.

The terriers worked nearby the Outback pioneers to control snakes and small vermin. They also served as guard dogs and tended livestock. They proved to be versatile workers. They move with purpose and are self-assured while attempting a task. Breed records date back to 1868, and the breed’s standard were set by the Australian Terrier Club in 1896 in Melbourne. The Australian Terrier breed was later to be recognized by the British Kennel Association and the American Kennel Club. In fact, the breed is also AKC Pedigree and has 114 species registered. Its nickname, appropriately enough, is Aussie.

Australian Terrier Dog Breed. Body Type

This dog is small,sturdy, and is medium-boned. The ideal size for both male is female is 10 to 11 inches in height. The Australian Terrier is generally longer than it is high, and its chest is deep and broad.. The terriers’ ears are pricked and the tail is docked. This breed’s head is long and strong and its eyes are small, dark brown to black in color. The neck is arched, quite long, and also strong. Shoulders, ideally, should be laid back, with only a slight space between the blades and withers. The loins are broad and short. The belly is slightly tucked up.

Australian Terrier Dog Breed is also known for its strong hindquarter legs which add to its success as a working dog. Distinctive features are its apron, ruff, and a smooth, soft lighter in color top knot on the top of its skull. The gait of the terrier is harmonious, graceful and flowing. This ease of movement is credited to the Australian Terrier’s legs which are straight from the shoulder and hip joints right through to the pads.
Given it history and breeding, the Australian Terrier bears similar characteristics with the breeds from which it descended. Most notably, these would include the Scottish or Yorkshire terriers.

Australian Terrier Dog Breed. Coat

The coat of this breed of terriers varies somewhat depending on its location on the dog’s body. The coat has been described as thick and double. The outer coat is short to medium in length. The outer coat itself is harsh in texture and straight; while the undercoat is rather soft and short. The neck features good feathering.

Overall, the coat of the terrier is 2 1/2 inches covering the body with the exception of the tail, feet ad rear legs. The hair on the ears is kept very short. The hair on the buttocks is covered like trousers. Because its coat is weatherproof and double, it sheds very little. This makes the dog breed suitable in any climate.

Australian Terrier Dog Breed. Color

Color standards set for the Australian Terrier Dog Breed range from blue and tan, dark blue, steel-blue, dark gray-blue, or silver blue. Other varieties are sandy/tan or red in hue. The breeds standards dictate that the markings should be as rich as possible and the color clear. The tan markings are most prominent on the face, ears, lower legs and feet, as well as the underbody. Markings are allowed on the chest, muzzle, neck, nape, throat, and the feet right up to the tail. For breed classification purposes, the lack of markings is not a breed standard disqualifier.

Australian Terrier Dog Breed. Temperament

While initially bred as both a working dog and guard dog, the Australian Terrier is quite versatile. For work in the Australian Outback, they proved themselves natural aggressors earning the hedge hunter designation. In spite of their historical roots, they make suitable companions as pets in most living situations. They can adapt to both urban and rural environments. Australian Terriers have been described as alert, courageous and spirited. They are also a keen and intelligent breed. They have proven to be affectionate, loyal, and friendly around humans.

The Australian Terrier Dog Breed is a time-tested, successful breed, and is gaining in popularity as a household pet. Many have found that this dog breed is quite fun loving. And, when a pet becomes part of the family, longevity is an important consideration. Lucky for the Australian terrier and its owner, this dog’ breed’s lifespan generally extends over a 12 to 15 year period.

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