Barbet Dog Breed

Barbet Dog Breed

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Barbet Dog Breed

One of the rarest dog breeds especially in the United States, the Barbet Dog Breed is a woolly and curly coated French water dog. The term “Barbet” is derived from the French term for beard which is “barbe”. The dog is listed in a group of dogs known as water dogs, flushing dogs and retrievers. Though the number of Barbets in America is still low, efforts are being made to breed more dogs of this breed.

Barbet Dog Breed. Body type

The males usually stand at a height of 20.5 to 25.5 inches while the females are a bit shorter measuring around 2047. to 24.01 inches. As for weight, the Barbet comes in at an average of 35 to 60 pounds. This weight will of course vary depending on the living conditions the dog is in and especially its feeding habits. Coat

The coat of a Barbet Dog Breed is characterized by its long, curly and woolly nature. It can grow pretty long and therefore regular grooming is a must, failure to which the long hairs become matted and the dog may actually lose some of it The hair on the coat can grow to extremely long lengths if unattended to You may therefore need to trim it every few weeks. As for grooming, it has to be done every week.

Barbet Dog Breed. Color

Barbets occur in several colors including black, grey, fawn, pale fawn, brown, white and more uncommonly, pied. Most Barbets feature a solid black color while others are brown with white spotting. Finding a white or grey Barbet is very rare. If the colors are mixed (with the only exception being a mixture with white) the Barbet is considered a fault and not a purebred.

Barbet Dog Breed. Temperament

One of the things that make Barbets popular as pets is their temperament. They are generally considered to be joyful, goofy and highly companionable. In fact, these dogs prefer being in the same room as the owner and other family member at all times. When it comes to training they are very obedient and are highly intelligent. You may however still have to provide continuous obedience training to your dog.

Generally, Barbets are ideal for children, family members and elderly individuals. Their extremely loyal nature provides constant companionship and joy to the owner.

Barbet Dog Breed. Tasty Tidbits

Naturally, the Barbet Dog Breed is a sporting and hunting dog. This means that it needs regular exercise lest it expels its energy negatively. Going for a run or a jog everyday is highly beneficial for the dog. You should also be on the lookout for a number of health conditions that may afflict the dog. In particular you should be cautious of genetic defects especially when buying a puppy.

Various genetic health issues that have emerged as the breed grows in popularity are epilepsy, entropion, hip dysplasia and hernias. Studying the history of a puppy from 4 generations past can help you avoid these genetic illnesses.

Ear infections are also very common and one should consult a veterinarian any time and ear infection is suspected. Removing all hair from inside the ear and providing optimum care to the dog can prevent this and various other health complications.

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