Beagle Dog Breed

Beagle Dog Breed

All Beagle Dog Breed Information: Beagle puppy, Beagle temperament, Beagle shed, Beagle size and much more! 🐩

Beagle Dog Breed

Beagle Dog Breed Information

The Beagle Dog Breed is one of the most popular hound dog breeds, typically used as a family companion and in the show ring. The breed has a natural hunting instinct, which makes Beagles an extremely popular breed particularly in the United States and Japan. He was bred to hunt with men following on foot, mostly to chase hares.

Beagles are still used in packs, especially those organized by institutions like schools and colleges, though they are a first-class family pet that really make a mark. He is a bustling, eager tiny dog, full of fervor and vigor, and always ready for an engaging activity that involves him. In addition to their merry temperament, Beagles are sturdy, bold, and active, which makes them the very essence of quality. They have a powerful head and a benign expression that makes it easy to distinguish between the male and female.

Beagle Dog Breed. Body Type

Beagles are found in two primary varieties – not exceeding 13 inches from the floor to the top of withers, and those between 13 and 15 inches at the top of withers. They have large dome-shaped heads, a wide and long-lop and big hazel-colored eyes. They have muscular bodies with a coarse tail, similar to that of the mahi. They have strong, flexible and medium length necks that extend from their shoulders. Their throats are smooth with an absence of any folds on the skin, though some have a small wrinkle arising from below the fold of the jaw.

Beagle Dog Breed. Coat

They have thick fur that comprises short bristles, often found in a variety of colors including white, white lemon, white brown, and black and liver.

Beagle Dog Breed. Color

Beagles have a wide variation in their hair color, though the most common are tan and white, black, tan and blue-tick with plenty of dark ticking on the white sections, and lemon and white. All pure breed are required to have several parts of their bodies covered in white including the feet, tip of the tail and chest. Some beagles have brown ticking on the white areas, but this does not imply that they are blue-tick. There are also some breeds that are extremely dark with no white markings.

Beagle Dog Breed. Temperament

Beagles have an even temper and gentle disposition, intelligent, friendly, and easily won over, which makes them easy to tame. Their small size and exceptional stamina makes them appealing to look at. They are a true family pet: lively, adorable, sympathetic, quick to react, good humor and melodious bark, which make them great with other pets and kids. They are great for hunting and provide quite a spectacle when pursuing in groups, though they also like to back a lot when in packs. This behavior can be corrected by isolating them from the rest of the family during feeding time.

Alternatively, you can engage them in plenty of activity, including both work and play, to keep them fairly quiet.   You can expect your Beagle to bark when someone approaches the fence or door, but can be trained to respond to commands that will stop them from barking. Considering that Beagles are bred to hunt in packs, they enjoy the company of family members, and get along well with other dogs and sometimes cats, as well.

Beagle Dog Breed. Tasty Tidbits

  • During the reign of Queen Elizabeth I and King Henry VIII, there were tiny wire haired Beagles that were small enough to be carried in the pocket of a hunting jacket. Size has increased over the years, though it is still possible to breed smaller versions of the breed, which are referred to as pocket Beagles’.
  • All the features of the Beagle point to their athleticism. When used in packs for hunting, they provide a great spectacle when chasing the catch, with their heads down to follow the scent, and their sterns up in rigid order, which is a behavior that they mimic when taking a walk in the pack.
  •  Beagles are an easy dog to keep. They can get as muddy as they like, but are easy to clean up with a sponge and water, and dry off the short dense coat in a trice.
  • Beagles adapt easily to new environments, and can live in small or big houses comfortably, which makes them the ideal pet for apartments or living in the city.
  •   Beagles are scent hounds. As such, they like to roam around when not confined in an escape-proof setting. For homes with yards, it is best to place high fences that will keep them from climbing, and well secured at the base to prevent digging out. This does not imply that all Beagles are diggers and climbers On the contrary, this happens when left outside without the company of family members or other pets. They should sleep indoors.
  •   Beagles are extremely intrusive and dynamic during their first 2 years. Adding this to their scenting ability, they like to pry into everything, particularly waste baskets.
  •   Considering that puppies are very active, it is recommended that they be placed in homes with children aged 6 years and above. An adult Beagle can be ideal for toddlers if it was raised with non-abusive children.
  •  Beaales tend to become overweight. because of excess feeding by their owners. This is attributed to their pleading eyes and inclination for begging for food.
  • Sometimes, Beagles have a mind of their own, though they can be trained to be obedient if the trainer uses positive and motivational techniques. They like food, so using food treats can work extremely well. Beagles are resistant to rough training techniques, because of their sensitive nature.
  • Training is necessary for discipline, since Beagles think that all food within their reach is theirs. This can be dangerous for toddlers.
  •  Beagles should also be trained not to aDbolt’ out any open doors or gates. Their inquisitive nature and scenting ability makes the prone to explore all places that they have access to. With their noses to the ground, they can be easily struck down, unless they know how to respond to simple commands like “come”.
  •  Beagles are the ideal pets for patient, loving and active individuals, who like to take walks, hike or camp. By engaging in such activities, the bond between you and your Beagle increases, making him or her a happy dog.

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