Beauceron Dog Breed

Beauceron Dog Breed

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Beauceron Dog Breed

Beauceron Dog Breed Information

The so called”King of Sheep Dogs”,’ the Beauceron Dog Breed is an ancient breed from France that instinctively rounds up sheep.

Available in different varieties, Beauceron Dog Breed has been used as hunters for boars in the wild. For quite some time now, this breed has been playing 3 roles. These roles include being a guard dog for the home, as a guard dog in general and as a herding dog for grazing sheep and cattle. During both World Wars these dogs were utilized by the military for helping the wounded, detecting mines, transporting goods and conveying information. These days, the breed is still involved with the police and the military but can also be found as companion dogs and home guard dogs.

Beauceron Dog Breed. Body type

Weighing between seventy-five and one hundred and ten pounds, the Beaucerons tend to have more length than height when measured from the top of their withers to the floor and from their shoulder point to their buttocks point. They have a deep, wide chest that descends to the elbow. The chest girth is more than their withers’ height by about twenty per cent. They have well-marked withers and a straight back. They have a well-muscled broad loin with their rump sloping a bit at the point of being attached to the tail.

Beauceron Dog Breed. Coat

Beaucerons have a fluffy, woolly undercoat with a harsh undercoat.

Beauceron Dog Breed. Color

Its standard coloring is tan and black or the harlequin or merle which is black or tan. This breed can also be in colorings of black and mottled grey with tan markings. The coats that are merle need to have no white and have more black than gray. In the dogs which are black and tan, the markings appear in a couple of above-the-eye dots used, fading off to the cheeks and on the sides of the muzzle.

However, these must not reach the ears’ underside. Also, there should be tan markings on the chest, on the legs, under the tail and on the throat. On the chest, tan markings need to appear as 2 spots but it is also acceptable to have a chest plate.

Beauceron Dog Breed. Temperament

The Beauceron Dog Breed is territorial, protective and loyal. They make a great watch dog which wards off any perceived threat to their home and family. Self-assured with a frank approach, this breed is never worried, timid or mean. With strangers, they tend to be reserved. Beaucerons have a fearless and gently character. There should be no toleration of unjustified aggression or any displays of fear.

Beauceron Dog Breed. Gait

Beauceron Dog Breed has a free and supple movement showing extended, long strides at the trot. The head is carried along the line of the top line and somewhat low.

Beauceron Dog Breed. Tasty Tidbits

Beauceron Dog Breed is able to compete in herding, tracking, flyball, showmanship, obedience and dog agility trials. Its trainability and instincts for herding are measured at herding tests that are non-competitive. Basic instincts for herding are exhibited by this breed and it can be trained for competition in trials that measure herding skills. The movie entitled The Wild Child featured a Beauceron. Also, in the film Marmaduke, a Beauceron named Bosco is featured.

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