Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed

Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed

All Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed Information: Belgian Tervuren puppy, Belgian Tervuren temperament, Belgian Tervuren shed, Belgian Tervuren size and much more! 🐩

Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed

Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed Information

When you look at the Belgian Tervuren, you get the impression that it is a well balanced breed. It is medium sized and looks quit elegant in the way that it carries itself with the head and neck held high. It stands squarely on its legs. This dog is quite agile and lively thanks to the muscular body. It also looks compact despite its medium build. The male and female are meant to have distinct features which distinguish them. This is one of the most natural dogs out there. The qualities it carries stand out and it does not need to pose to be noticed.

Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed is loyal, devoted, courageous and intelligent. This dog will proceeds to herd the animals well while at the same time providing protection to the owner without any major signs of aggressiveness. This dog has an eye for detail and stays vigilant all the time This breed is a hard worker and that is clear from the constant patrols while out herding. He keeps on moving around even when no commands are being issued from the owner. Versatility is one of the major strong points possessed by this dog. There are other attributes that make this breed unique. They include:

Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed. Body Type

Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed is quite light as far as the weight is concerned. The length when measured from the shoulder to the rump is almost equal height when checked from the withers. Females are a bit different and in this particular case, the length may be a bit longer compared with height measured at the withers.

Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed. Coat

Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed is quite resilient and this is evidenced by the way it is able to adapt in extreme temperatures. This is mainly because of the coat which is made out of long, straight and close-fitting hair. The texture is not too wiry or too silky but rather medium harsh. It has a dense undercoat which matches the temperature conditions. If the hair happens to be curly then this is taken as a fault. This dog has short hair in areas such as the head, ears and the leg area.

Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed. Color

This breed is charcoal haired and once in a while, it may have a white patch on the chest area There may also be some white patches on the tips of the toes. The muzzle is allowed to have a touch of grey.

Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed. Temperament

This is the typical guard dog in the way it stays vigilant when strangers are around. This breed is also quite brave and observant. So long as there is no provocation the dog remains approachable and friendly. The affection is mostly shown to people the dog is conversant with This is partly a way to seek attention from the owner.

Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed. Gait

The Belgian Tervuren Dog Breed is quite energetic and enthusiastic. He is always moving around without any ounce of tiredness. This breed is known to move around gracefully. When at fast gait, this dog ends up single tracking. The legs converge at the centerline of gravity as the dog moves around.

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