Bergamasco Dog Breed

Bergamasco Dog Breed

All Bergamasco Dog Breed Information: Bergamasco puppy, Bergamasco temperament, Bergamasco shed, Bergamasco size and much more!

Bergamasco Dog Breed

Bergamasco Dog Breed Information

This is one of the oldest dogs in Italy’s history since it can be traced back all the way to 100 B.C. It comes from the Italian region of Bergamo. It was mainly used as a guardian or shepherd dog during those times. Nobody knows where it really originated from It first came into the light in 1949 after winning the dog exhibition series in Italy. Since then, it gained international fame as one of the most popular Italian breeds. There are several attributes which are known to be unique to this particular dog:

Bergamasco Dog Breed. Body Type

The Bergamasco Dog Breed is known to have an almost square like build. When you measure its height at the withers, it is almost same in length to the body length measured from the shoulder area to the buttocks. These measurements are estimations but there is a slight tolerance margin of up to three quarter of an inch.

This dog has well sprung ribs which extend all the way down to the elbows. It has a deep rib cage which is around half the distance of the dog’s height at the withers. It has a strong inclined back which is also broad. The loin area has strong muscles which are also prominently broad. The croup slants around thirty degrees from the horizontal while the tuck-up is almost obscure.

Bergamasco Dog Breed. Coat

The Bergamasco has a coat which can be classified into three types of hair. They include the outer coat, goat hair and undercoat. The outer coat is made up of hair that has a fine texture and feels wool-like. The goat hair is rough, long and straight. The undercoat is made up of short hair which is fine. It forms a waterproof layer and it feels oily when touched.

Bergamasco Dog Breed. Color

Bergamasco Dog Breed comes with different shades of gray that include solid black, lustrous or shiny. It also has shadings of fawn and Isabella on the lower bit of the flocks. This mainly occurs as a result of discoloration that occurs on old hair. This breed is not supposed to have white color but this may be allowed under circumstances such as when it covers less than a fifth of the dog’s body.

Bergamasco Dog Breed. Temperament

The Bergamasco Dog Breed is known to be stubborn and strong willed. It is also known to work hard to make sure the task at hand is accomplished. This dog is both protective and vigilant. It is also known to be quite intelligent and aggressive when necessary. It is a pleasant breed to own especially considering the fact that it is always looking to please the owner. It loves staying in areas where there is lots of space.

Bergamasco Dog Breed. Gait

Bergamasco Dog Breed needs to be mobile most of the time as this is a requirement for any guard or shepherd dog. This breed moves comfortably with an elastic trot where both pairs of feet remain near to the ground as the dog moves around. As the dog moves around, it leans forward with the head thus aligning it evenly with the back line.

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