Berger Picard Dog Breed

Berger Picard Dog Breed

All Berger Picard Dog Breed Information: Berger Picard puppy, Berger Picard temperament, Berger Picard shed, Berger Picard size and much more!

Berger Picard Dog Breed

Berger Picard Dog Breed Information

Also referred to as Picardy shepherd, the Berger Picard Dog Breed is a unique well-muscled, medium-sized French dog, which is slightly longer in length than it is taller, with some naturally erected ears, a unique tail which it carries with a J-shaped tip and reaches its hock. These dogs have very thick eyebrows which doesn’t shield their eyes. This French dog breed ought to be appraised as a sheep-herding dog and its faults/exaggerations ought to be castigated in relation to how these faults interfere with their ability to do their work. The Picardy shepherds are famous for their unique smile.

Berger Picard Dog Breed. Body type

The Berger Picard’s ribs are perfectly sprung out from its spine and then curved inward and down to form a strong-back. The dog’s chest does not extend past its elbows, but it extends gently to form a rounded oval chest in-front of its forelegs. The line of its back is really straight. And its Loin is broad and well-muscled. The Croup is somewhat sloppy and it blends perfectly into the dog’s hind-quarters forming a gentle curve. The Berger Picard has a faintly tucked-up belly.

Berger Picard Dog Breed. Coat

The dog’s rough, shaggy double coat is this breed’s unique characteristic. The coat’s length is about 2-25 inches in length all over its body except on its head, where the coat is shorter and also around the neck where the mane a little bit longer. The dog has a typically rough weather-proof coat which is quite crisp and harsh to your touch. Their coat color is either brindle or fawn with a wide range of some shade variations. The under-coat is quite dense and soft.

Berger Picard Dog Breed. Color

The dog’s color might be gray black, gray with some black highlights, gray, gray-red, dark or light fawn, brindle, gray-blue or a unique mixture of all these shades. This French breed also has some slightly whitish markings on its chest and the tips of its toes.

Berger Picard Dog Breed. Temperament

The Berger Picard is quite alert and lively, even-tempered, observant and confident dogs. This French dog is quite reserved when with strangers, but they should not be nervous or timid. Their most serious fault is their threatening or aggressive behavior towards other dogs and even people.

In fact they need some socializing during the 1st two-years of their lives. These dogs are hardworking, energetic, loyal and quite sweet-tempered when around children. The Picards are actually the happiest when they are doing a job, and their protective nature makes them good-guard dogs, although they are not excessive-barkers. Some Picardy shepherds are very picky eaters, so it can be quite difficult to choose a diet which you and the dog will agree on.

Berger Picard Dog Breed. Grooming

This French breed is a really low-maintenance dog. The dog’s tousled and rough coat can easily mat if it is not regularly brushed, so it should be brushed at least once every other-week, in fact the coat doesn’t need any special care for it to yield its unique rustic appearance. The dog is rarely bathed. The dog’s fur should actually never ever be trimmed, except the ears which are hand trimmed. The Berger Picard aren’t such profuse shedders & they have little dog odor.


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