Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed

Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed

All Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed Information: Black Mouth Cur puppy, Black Mouth Cur temperament, Black Mouth Cur shed, Black Mouth Cur size and much more!

Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed

Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed Information

The Black Mouth Cur is a looking dog and livestock dog this is surely muscular, quite rugged, but strong in its personal right. Its starting place is uncertain but numerous resources declare that it originated in the mountains of Tennessee while others indicate that it’s miles local to Mississippi. Enthusiasts of the Black Mouth Cur will inform you that it takes place to be a very smart and constant breed. In reality, these dogs were widely utilized by the early American settlers as all-spherical operating dogs.

They have been usually used for herding, riding and guarding of livestock and hogs against predators such as wolves. They had been extensively utilized as hunting dogs for big sport together with deer, bears and wild cats. For these reasons, the Americans moved with them as they moved west. More so, the Black Cur, proved to have advanced competencies to work ad infinitum in a number of the most harsh terrains on the equal time supplying a warm and dedicated companionship.

Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed. Body type

The average Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed is a square-shaped or just slightly longer than tall breed. An adult Black Mouth Cur weights between 50-100 pounds and is 16-25 inches tall, with the male breeds being larger that the females. It has a broad, strong back that is quite moderate in length. Its level perfectly blends into its muscular, slightly arched loin which is somewhat tuck up. Its ribs spread well to the back, curving down and inward from the spine to form a deep body, while its brisket goes all the way to the elbow.

Taking a view from the front, you’ll see the wide, muscular chest between the forelegs. The tail of Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed is of medium length and is usually left naturally, though it may also be docked. When you go down to the feet, they are quite large and webbed; same as those of a Catahoula Leopard Dog. Clearly, this dog is bred for stamina which accounts for its highly physical nature.

Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed. Coat

They have short coats which can either be coarse or fine but sometimes they may have a combination of the two appearing on the same litter. The coat is also dense and close lying with either a light solid color or a darker brindle.

Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed. Color

The Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed may have a rnelanistic mask usually black in color. This explains the name “black mouth” which refers to the dark pigmentation around the rips though some breeds are maskless. Its coat comes in a variety of colors and shades that include red, yellow, brindle, blue, fawn or buckskin. On rare occasions, breeds with solid white or black color may also appear in a breeding. Statistics provided by trusted sources show that up to 10% of the coat may actually be white since little amounts of white are found on toes, nose, tail and even the chest.

Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed. Temperament

The Black Mouth Cur breed’s form a great family of dogs. For people who hunt, this dog will do; especially because it has a strong instinct to hunt. It is quick and poses a major threat to other animals. It can, however, be trained to be a social dog enabling it to bond and live in harmony with people and other animals. This dog is kind and at the same time fearless, and it will go to any length to protect your home at all times.

Loyalty and boldness are its norm as it exudes a strong desire to please its master. The Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed is also very good with children but it also needs the owner to exercise a natural authority over the dog. Thus, the owner must set rules that the dog will follow and since it is very obedient, this breed will stick to them making it easier to control it without being harsh.

Black Mouth Cur Dog Breed. Tasty tidbits

Owning a Black Mouth Cur has so many benefits such as it has no hassles and its coat requires low maintenance. This curious breed is also quite entertaining to watch as it plays and it is also an excellent working dog and family pet that is very affectionate and protective. The Black Mouth Cur can live up to 15 years with relatively few health problems. But unfortunately, this dog has one major disadvantage that you need to know before you make a choice to own one It is a very active and athletic dog that requires lots of daily exercises.

Anyone lacking the space or time to give it enough exercise is advised not to go for this breed. This is because failure to receive proper amount of exercises will make it to act out by destroying property, barking, chewing and even ignoring basic training. Apart from that, this breed is generally a great dog to own.

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