Black Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed

Black Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed

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Black Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed

Black Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed Information

The origin of the Black Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed can be traced back to Scandinavia some thousands of years ago, which means that it is among the most ancient dog breeds. A skeleton dating between 4000 BC and 5000 BC resembling than of a modern day Black Norwegian Elkhound has also been found.

For a better perspective, these dogs have been around since humans were living in caves and using slingshots to hunt. The Vikings had them as guard dogs and for hunting. These dogs have been and continue to be used for big and game hunting, tracking animals like badger, bear, elk, lynx, moose, mountain lion, rabbit, reindeer and wolf.

Black Norwegian Elkhounds are capable of tracking the quarry and holding it at bay, barking to alert the hunter and waiting for the hunter’s arrival. They have a very sharp sense of smell. Rather than daytime, these dogs work much better at night. They have also served as sled dogs. More recently, many homes have adopted Black Norwegian Elkhounds as a cherished family pet.

Black Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed is a derivation of its original name “Elghund,” which means moose dog in Norwegian. The Norwegian word “elg” translates to “moose” and “hund” translates to “dog.” Agility, guarding, herding, hunting, sledding and tracking are among some of the talents of these dogs.

Black Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed. Body Type

The Black Norwegian Elkhounds happen to be medium-sized, spitz-type, sturdy dogs. They tend to have a built that appears square and a short body. They have a straight and strong back. Their head is wedge-shaped with a bit of broadness at the ears. The base of their muzzle tends to be tapered and thicker.

Their dark brown eyes are medium-sized and oval-shaped. They have ears that are set high on their head, both firm and very mobile. They have a deep and relatively wide chest, while from the front, it appears that their legs are quite straight. They have small and tight oval paws with thick pads. Their high-set tail curls up tightly over their back. Their front legs usually have dewclaws, but the back ones do not

Black Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed. Coat & Color

The double, weather-resistant Black Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed tends to be dense, hard, rich, short and thick, which does not stand out from their body. This is why they have been regarded as all-weather hunting dogs, able to endure the cold Scandinavian weather and heavy autumn rains. The solid black coat often has extremely small traces of white on their chest.

Black Norwegian Elkhound Dog Breed. Temperament

Black Norwegian Elkhounds happen to be fearless and friendly dogs. With strangers, they can be slightly reserved at times, but they greet anyone they know quite enthusiastically. They can be alert, energetic and reliable companions for children and can be sensible guard dogs. They tend to be clean and docile with an exceptional character. They also happen to be affectionate, engaging, loyal and sensitive.

Like other Arctic dogs, Black Norwegian Elkhounds tend to be fairly independent and have a mind of their own. They may show some resistance to obedience training. Being firm with them becomes necessary, so that they may see good pack leadership. Gentle but firm discipline is also recommended for Norwegian Elkhound puppies. Training these dogs should be carried out fairly, understanding that they are canines and treating them accordingly.

Hunters used to breed these dogs to hold prey at bay, to alert hunters by barking. At times, these dogs may bark a lot and it is important to teach them that they should not bark excessively. According to some sources, Elkhounds get along with other non-canine pets while, while according to others, caution should be used Grooming

The coat of Black Norwegian Elkhounds tends to be coarse, hard and weatherproof, so grooming it becomes easier. It is important to brush their coat regularly, while keeping in mind that their undercoat happens to be dense, which they tend to shed. The dead hair may cling can cling to their new hair while they are shedding.

A rubber brush or a wood comb that has two rows of metallic teeth should be used to remove the dead hair. Since their skin has essential natural oils, to avoid removing those oils, they should only be bathed when necessary. Their coat also happens to be dirt and water resistant.

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