Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed

Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed

All Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed Information: Black Russian Terrier puppy, Black Russian Terrier temperament, Black Russian Terrier shed, Black Russian Terrier size and much more! 🐩

Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed

Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed Information

At your first sight, Black Russian Terrier would look as a large, active dog with a strong build up. Heavy bones along with well-developed muscles are unique characteristics of the dog. On the outside you’ll notice a thick, elastic body without flappy skin or wrinkles. This marks their endurance and adaptable nature to both diverse and harsh climates- cold weather in Russia.

The male Terriers are strong, bulky and masculine than the females. Mostly bred for military and police work, Russian Terrier is a great guard and watch dog. The dog loves to be in company with human beings and requires plenty of attention and exercise.

Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed. Body type

If you own a Russian terrier, you’d surely feel a hint of masculinity airing through your home. The strong, robust nature of the dog can very well be observed by its broad skull, long muzzle and squarely appearance. The large jaw surrounded by black rounded lips tops off on its fierce nature. The black colored nose and high pointing triangular ears are interesting facial features of the dog.

The body length of the dog is some inches smaller than the withers. The chest reaching below the elbow is well ribbed up, broad and strong. The loins are short, muscular and well-developed. The broad croup gradually extends till the tail on the high set. Black Russian Terrier is solid black in color with some scattered gray hairs on the body.

Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed. Coat

It has an extremely dense coat of approximately 1.5 to 4 inches in length which almost covers its entire body. You’d be interested to know that Russian Terriers don’t feel a temperature difference between 10 degrees. This is because of their tough weather proof coat, which makes them more adaptable to changes. They have a pretty beard and lovely eyebrows. Like other breeds the fur on the coat strips fairly less. However, brushing if done weekly to keeps them clean and free from hair clumps. While doing this care should be taken to brush gently around ears, eyes and under paws.

Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed. Color

The Russian Terriers are solid black in color but have slight scattered grey hairs on some body spots. Grooming

Brushing the dog’s teeth twice a week will be helpful to keep its mouth free from plague. Also this keeps them away from periodontal diseases causing pain, bad breath and loss of teeth. For doing this you can buy specially designed dog tooth brush and paste.

Examine the toe nails once regularly. If they have grown large clip them using a nail cutter or by a specially designed guillotine trimmer. Remember, the toenails on the front feet grow faster than the toenails on the rear feet. To get step by step instructions on grooming your Russian Terrier make a quick Google search. There are number of sites which offer information on grooming. Also if you’re lucky enough, you can watch an owner grooming his dog!

Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed. Living conditions

Russian Terrier can live happily in an apartment, it isn’t a problem. But it requires constant exercise and interaction. They love to be attended by their owners. They’d follow you everywhere you go, even from room to room. They are happy to be a part of family and want to live close to humans. Exercise and walks is must, for a healthy Terrier. The dog in any case must not be left alone for a long time Males mostly find themselves lonely if they are neglected.

The common health issue suffered by Terriers is Elbow and hip dyplasia. The dog can exhibit its symptoms on lack of exercise or at an old age. Also ears need care as they are prone to disease called otitis.

Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed. Temperament

Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed is instinctively brave, obedient and suspicious on strangers. Puppies need care and love but also a slight taming. There are active, playful, and quickly learn and adapt to their surroundings. Though the dog seems fierce, it has a well-balanced temperament against other dogs. It avoids fighting and barks only if necessary. It is easy to train these dogs, as they enjoy and want to learn from their training sessions. Russian Terriers loyal to their owners are always ready to protect them.

Black Russian Terrier Dog Breed. Training

It is advised to train these dogs when they are young, mostly when they are puppies. This is because of their suspicious and dominant nature at that time It is also important to keep them active, introduce to public, sex, strangers and different ethnicity of dogs and people. The breed is undoubtedly an intelligent one, but trained is required to make it behave in a well manner way.

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