Bohemian Shepard Dog Breed

Bohemian Shepard Dog Breed

Bohemian Shepard Dog Breed

Bohemian Shepard Dog Breed Information

The Bohemian Shepard Dog Breed is sometimes called a Chodenhund or the Chodsky Pes. It is known to be related to the German shepherd and looks quite similar to its predecessors. They were first known to exist in Czech Republic many hundred years ago and this is where they were predominantly bred.

Bohemian Shepard Dog Breed. Body type

The Bohemian Shepard Dog Breed is medium in size but can get to be quite long and get to about 55 cm in length. They are not enormous dogs and get to a maximum weight of approximately 55 pounds. They are very elegant looking dogs with pointed ears and a gracious neck. They have a light, stream line shape to them and often attract attention wherever they go due to their attractive look and relaxed nature.

They do not require much maintenance in term of grooming and they naturally keep their attractive appearance. Although they do shed a large quantity of fur in the Summertime just like most dogs do.

Bohemian Shepard Dog Breed. Coat

The Bohemian Shepard Dog Breed has a coat that is shiny and soft to the touch. They have long and thick coats which keep them warm in colder weather, they also have a heavy undercoat to give them that extra bit of protection. Their double coat is water resistant and means that they can withstand many conditions quite comfortably.

Bohemian Shepard Dog Breed. Color

Bohemian shepherds are black and tan in color but what many people do not know is that they don’t actually start to develop their adult coloring until they are 6-7 months old. All bohemian shepherd puppies look exactly the same and are adorable which can make it quite difficult if you are picking your new pet from a litter. Their coloring mixed with their statue makes them very attractive looking dogs and in high demand from owners everywhere.

Bohemian Shepard Dog Breed. Temperament

Bohemian shepherds are the perfect dog for anyone looking for a happy and loyal companion that will always do their best to please and protect you They are not aggressive and learn quickly so is easily trained especially if you have one from a puppy.

They are a great option to go with if you have a family because they are good with children and with other pets, they thrive around company and can get agitated if left alone for too long. They do need regular walks however so an owner who is active would be the best option for them. They are strong and make perfect guard dogs for vulnerable people. They are not nervous animals and quickly adapt to new surroundings and they socialize well.

They have an excellent sense of smell and are very obedient which makes them perfect rescue dogs. The Bohemian shepherd is the perfect animal that you would want around in a sticky situation. The owner of this dog should be confident in setting rules and boundaries because this dog in particular craves leadership and will run rings around you if you let it In summary, these dogs are rather perfect. They are happy and friendly most of the time but if trouble arises, they will be there to look out for you

Bohemian Shepard Dog Breed. Tasty Tidbits

Bohemian shepherds are very social dogs and only happy when in the company of people, this dog should not be isolated.

Bohemian Shepard Dog Breed loves hardcore exercise, they must be taken on walks daily and they would love even more interesting exercise and challenges. It can live inside or out and as long as it is allowed regular access to the outdoors, it will be happy with its surroundings.

Bohemian shepherds are protective and this reason makes them an excellent guide dog for anyone who needs their services.

They have very symmetrical faces, almond shaped eyes and always appear to be smiling.

The bohemian shepherd loves being praised and will train hard to get its owners approval, the dog can become very skilled if trained correctly.

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