Border Collie Dog Breed

Border Collie Dog Breed

All Border Collie Dog Breed Information: Border Collie puppy, Border Terrier temperament, Border Collie shed, Border Collie size and much more! 🐩

Border Collie Dog Breed

Border Collie Dog Breed Information

Border Collie is as lively as it is full of vigilance and enthusiasm. The Intelligent Quotient of Border Collie can be compared to that of 6-8 year old kids. Smartness is one of his pronounced characteristics. It is quite friendly to strangers, very reserved in nature, and gets along with kids very well It is a very efficient shepherd, willing to learn and quite content its friendship with humans grow very sturdily.

It is known for its suitability for outdoor living, and enjoys a wide variety of sporting activities. The Border Collie is unarguably the best pet dog anyone can ever have, a good canine companion and makes a good home guard dog any day.

Border Collie Dog Breed. Body type

The male shoulder height of Border Collie falls within the range of 19-22 inches tall at the shoulder level; the female’s height is known to fall within the range of 19-22 inches. Body Length (from the shoulder end to the hip length) is known to be slightly bigger than the shoulder height. Good bone setting, though not too pronounced just like the entire body size. The entire length, height, weight, and the bone mass balance are very critical because it is considered more important than individual features. Weights that exceed the required standard are not as a result of bone mass or muscles.

Border Collie Dog Breed. Coat

Different lengths: The length may be long, medium or even smooth. It can equally be either straight or wavy. The long coated ones come with richly feathered forelegs, breeches and tails. They are equally known for their very abundant manes.

The top coat comes with a dense and medium texture, with a very soft undercoat. This soft undercoat is both dense and short to provide efficient weather resistances.

Border Collie Dog Breed. Color

Red and Black. These are not the only colors, but they are the most predominant. Other colors that are not in abundance are blue merle, gray, red merle, lemon and stable. Some have only white trim, while some are accompanied by tan points.

Border Collie Dog Breed. Temperament

The Border Collie Dog Breed is known to be extremely energetic, responsive, intelligent, keen and alert. Known be a powerful and passionate worker of great tractability, the Border Collie is quite friendly and affectionate to familiar faces but may be understandably reserved towards unknown faces. When approached, the Border Collie is expected to stand its ground and is never intimidated by the menacing approach of humans. It shouldn’t show fear, resentment or dullness at any time, but interested in the tiniest details and alert at all times. Certain qualities considered as serious faults in a Border Collie are nervousness, viciousness and shyness.

Border Collie Dog Breed. Tasty Titbits

When the Border Collie Dog Breed is weaned, management and feeding is extremely important. The most important period for cultivating a good dog is from the time of weaning till the sixth month. The most difficult period of cultivating the Border Collie Puppy is within the first month after weaning. This period is known for the susceptibility of Border Collie puppies to morbidity and mortality. This high risk of mortality is always attributed to poor feeding management. Improper feeding management at this stage in the dog’s cultivation can equally lead to retarded growth and reduction in ability to resist disease in versions. Immediately after weaning the Border Collie puppy, it is important to feed it protein-based foods in small quantities.

When the puppy is about 2-3 months old, the feeding intervals can be increased up to 4-5 times per day. It is always important to pay attention to the dog’s nutrition. Don’t allow the strong dog to eat too much and the weak dog to eat too little. When the Border Collie is up to 4-6 months old, you can feed it 2-3 times per day. The moment its canines grow out, you can start feeding it with some animal bones.

The Border Collie reaches sexual maturity when it is up to 6 months old. To prevent early matches and mating, breed it with other dogs of the same sex, age, and height. If the other dog has a higher temperament and robs the Border Collie of foods, it is important to let the dog out once in a while to get along in the kennel.

When the Border Collie is older, physical growth stops and its feeding can be reduced to 1-2 times per day. If the dog suffers from poor health conditions or malnutrition, frequent baths can help its fur to look shinier. If the dog gets adequate nutrition but still has dull or dry furs, it might probably be suffering from thyroid problems or has some hair insects and it is important that you see a doctor.

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