Border Terrier Dog Breed

Border Terrier Dog Breed

All Border Terrier Dog Breed Information: Border Terrier puppy, Border Terrier temperament, Border Terrier shed, Border Terrier size and much more!

Border Terrier Dog Breed

Border Terrier Dog Breed Information

The Border Terrier Dog Breed is among Great Britain oldest terriers, bred in the border territory that surrounds Cheviot Hills. The high demand by farmers and shepherds for a dog specie that is long enough to go with a horse and small enough to go down to the ground to hunt foxes down kept this terrier breed pure for several generations.

Though its existence dates farther back, the Border Terrier was officially recognized by Great Britain Kennel club in 1920 and by the American Kennel club in 1930. This fur-coated terrier ranked 81st in the 2006 American Kennel club’s number of registrations while it ranked 10th on the United Kingdom Kennel Club list.

Border Terrier Dog Breed. Body type

The Border Terrier Dog Breed has a deep, narrow and moderately long body structure which can be spanned by a man’s hand behind the shoulder blades. It has a ribcage that carries way back, though not excessively sprung. It has a back supple which does not in any way signify weakness. Border Terriers are easily identified by their otter-shaped heads, with a broad skull and strong muzzle. Their V-shaped ears are located at the side of their head and falls way down to the cheeks. Their whiskers are quite short and few with naturally moderate tails that are mostly thick at the base.

Border Terrier Dog Breed. Coat

Border Terrier coats are harsh dense and straight, with very close fitting undercoats. The most acceptable trimming includes tidying up the head, neck and the feet. Their double coat consist of dense and very short outer coat as well as harsh, wiry dirt and weather resistant closely-located undercoat with neither wave nor curl. This coat is hand-stripped twice yearly to get rid of dead hairs. It takes a period of two months for outer coat to come back in For most dogs, brushing them weekly will serve this purpose. It is common to see most Border Terriers groomed with short hair, though longer hairs are sometimes preferred to the popular short hair.

Border Terrier Dog Breed. Color

The major colors that can be found among Border Terriers are red, grizzle and tan, blue and tan or wheaten. Small amount of white on the chest is allowed, but the smallest white on the feet attracts penalty. Most people desire and prefer a dark muzzle characteristic.

Border Terrier Dog Breed. Temperament

The Border Terrier breeds are always alert, agile, active and very capable of squeezing through very small and narrow openings without much difficulties. They are equally known for their ability to travel very efficiently and unhindered through all kinds of terrains whether smooth or rough.

During hunting expeditions, Border Terriers are known to be very active as they are able to go down to burrows and chase out hiding foxes for the hunters to have very easy shots. They are good-natured, affectionate and friendly at all times and can be trained quite easily without hassle. They can be strong-willed and stubborn sometimes, but are mostly even tempered and rarely aggressive.

They are known to be quite friendly with kids but hate to be interrupted by cats and all other such small pets.
They are known to be quite good in carrying out hard tasks such as jumping to great heights and running very fast. Their ability to jump high and run fast is attributed to their long legs. They are known to learn hard tasks easier than they learn very minor tricks.

Border Terriers fare quite well when it comes to high jumps and see-saws but find weaving poles a bit difficult.
The Border Terriers are always intelligent and very eager to please. Their ability to think independently and creatively which were imbibed in them for working rats and fox underground are retained by Terriers all their lives. Their even temperament and love for people make them suitable therapy dogs for the elderly and children.

They are sometimes used to assist the blind and the deaf as well They are able to adapt to different environments and conditions easily. When raised with cats, they can get along with the cats quite well They love sitting and watching ongoing activities.

Border Terrier Dog Breed. Gait

Border Terriers are straight and rhythmical before and behind, with flexing of stifle and hock and good length of stride, they are expected to respond to their handlers with a free, quick and agile gait.

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