Borzoi Dog Breed

Borzoi Dog Breed

All Borzoi Dog Breed Dog Breed Information: Borzoi Dog Breed puppy, Borzoi Dog Breed temperament, Borzoi Dog Breed shed, Borzoi Dog Breed size and much more! 🐩

Borzoi Dog Breed

Borzoi Dog Breed Dog Breed Information

Borzoi Dog Breed Dog Breed is a Russian wolfhound that is bred for hunting and coursing. Borzois were developed in Russia during the era of Tsars. The dog was breed specifically for hunter members of the royal family and was considered as an aristocratic dog breed before the 1917 Revolution in Russia took place.

After the revolution, the high level of Borzoi breed degenerated due to unregulated and uncontrolled breeding. It was not until a Soviet soldier named Constantin Esmont convinced the Soviet Union of the value of the Borzoi breed to the hunting and fur coat industry that its breeding becomes officially regulated.

Borzoi Dog Breed Dog Breed. Body Type

Borzois are popular for their narrow head and tall lean body. The breed carries its self proudly and has an air of elegance and refinement around it Male Borzois reach up to a height of at least 28 inches at the shoulders and can weigh up to 105 pounds. Female Borzois are a little smaller at 26 inches and lighter at just 85 pounds.

Borzois have a clean neck, free from throatiness that is considered as strong and muscular. Its chest is rather narrow compared to the other herding type of dogs in old Russia. Its ribs are slightly sprung and look like their arching away from the spine. While these may seem like a deformity, it is actually common in very tall and narrow dogs, like Whippets and Greyhounds.

Borzoi Dog Breed Dog Breed. Coat

Borzois have a silky coat that becomes thicker during winter or cold months and sheds naturally when the weather turns hot. Their coat is not wooly and is either wavy, flat, or curly. Its narrow head is covered with smooth, short hair that also covers its ears and the front of its legs. Its neck is covered with a curly and profuse frill. Its coat mainly stays flat and has a beautiful and silky texture that is resistant to mud and dirt, making Borzois easy to keep clean.

A Borzoi’s coat should be brushed with a pin brush and not a wire slicker brush, as the latter can ruin the dog’s silky coat. They shed their fur during hotter seasons, so it’s better to brush them more often during that time

Borzoi Dog Breed Dog Breed. Color

Borzoi Dog Breed Dog Breed can be found in any color, from white to black and anything in between. Its head can actually take the color pattern of Beagles and some even have reddish to orange coat. Most Borzois have tri-colored patterns and resemble Collies. Borzoi Dog Breed Dog Breed also changes its coat color drastically as it ages. A white Borzoi may actually develop black spots or tips on its coat as it grows old. A Borzois color shouldn’t affect the judging when they’re entered in a competition, although some color patterns may cause an illusion that he dog is smaller or narrower than it actually is

Borzoi Dog Breed Dog Breed. Temperament

Borzois are intelligent, quiet, and sensible dogs. They can be trusting yet be aloof with strangers. This dog breed has an easygoing and stubborn nature, which can sometimes hinder its obedience training. It’s overall personality really depends on a number of factors, including training, heredity, and socialization.

As puppies, they can be playful and curious. Adult Borzois, however, don’t bark frequently and can’t be relied on as a guard dog. Because their sighthounds, Borzois may not be able to resist chasing a running mouse, cat, or squirrel outdoors.

Borzoi Dog Breed Dog Breed. Tasty Tidbits

Borzois are shy dog breeds. They can be aloof and nervous around children, so it’s best to introduce them to young kids while they’re still puppies to ensure better socialization when they grow up. They also get fat fast so it’s best to feed them frequent small meals and take them exercising after eating.

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