Bouvier de Ardennes Dog Breed

Bouvier de Ardennes Dog Breed

All Bouvier de Ardennes Dog Breed Information: Bouvier de Ardennes puppy, Bouvier de Ardennes temperament, Bouvier de Ardennes shed, Bouvier de Ardennes size and much more! 🐩

Bouvier de Ardennes Dog Breed

Bouvier de Ardennes Dog Breed Information

Bouvier de Ardennes Dog Breed is not to small and not too bulk. It is just of medium size. On first sight, it immediately gives off an impression of being hardy and it has a ruggedy look. This dog is thickly set and is if a short stature and its bones make it appear like its bigger than it actually looks. It has compact and well formed muscles and has a tousled coat that feels harsh to the hands touch. This rough coat gives the dog an appearance that looks forbidding. When it comes to judging this particular breed, one needs to do so naturally without going into stacking techniques.

Bouvier de Ardennes Dog Breed. Body Type

Bouvier de Ardennes Dog Breed has a square like looking body and to get its full measurements one has to do so from its shoulder to the buttocks and from the top-most most part of the withers all the way to the ground level. It has a very powerful body frame and has perfectly formed ribs and a rigid and firm back side. It also has a deep chest that runs down deep to its elbows. The top-line section is parallel all the way to its equally wide and short loin, the croup and the high seated tail. There is a bit of a tuck-up as well.

Bouvier de Ardennes Dog Breed. Coat

lt has a densely coated coat with a double layer. This dense coat makes it fully waterproof. The outermost part of its coat is usually coarse and dry tousled to up to 2.5 inches in length and this is consistent all over its body apart from the skull area where the coat becomes flat and short.

There is the presence of a beard and mustache The beard measures approximately 2″ in length that tucks itself away to the corner of the dogs eyes. The outermost part of its ears are covered with straight and short hair. The under coat is also very dense and does not change with the turn of seasons. This under-coat measures half what the outer coat measures. The skin fits the dog perfectly but it is very supple at the same time

Bouvier de Ardennes Dog Breed. Color

lt can be seen in any color apart from white. The most common color and shade you are likely to see it in is a mixture of fawn, black and grey hairs. The gray color can range from a hue of pale grey to dark grey. You can also see this dog in a brownish, straw or red colored coat. You are also likely to see a tiny whitish spot on its chest or on its toes.

Bouvier de Ardennes Dog Breed. Temperament

The Bouvier des Ardennes dog breed is a very adaptable dog and is comfortable in many environments and situations. It is a very curious and playful dog. At the same time it is a defensive and mulish when guarding and looking after its territory, possessions and family.

Bouvier de Ardennes Dog Breed. Stride

This dog has an up-beat trot with an energetic push coming from its back. When it moves all its legs all move uniformly in a parallel direction and there is therefore no crabbing. The top-line area always stays in a firm and level position as it moves.

Bouvier de Ardennes Dog Breed. Tasty Tidbits

This dog needs a little bit more work to keep it groomed and this means you have to invest a lot more time and money to keep it groomed. – It has a heightened instinct and this means that you can leash train it easily. – It has a very strong personality and is not advised as a god for a first time pet owner. – This dog is always at peace and completely happy when they are with their family.

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