Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed

Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed

All Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed Information: Boykin Spaniel puppy, Boykin Spaniel temperament, Boykin Spaniel shed, Boykin Spaniel size and much more! 🐩

Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed

Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed Information

Have you ever heard about or seen a Boykin Spaniel? If not, this article introduces one of the most adorable dogs for the entire family.

The Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed is mostly associated with the state of South Carolina. The southeastern parts of the United States have moderate climate that is suitable for this breed. Through the years, the initial breed was cross-bred with others including Cocker Spaniels and American water Spaniels. However, the formation of the Boykin Spaniel Society in the 1970s led to the approval of a standard breed. Being very energetic and cheerful, the Boykin Spaniel suits its main role as an accomplished hunter. From its roots of retrieving waterfowls, the dog is today domesticated to do various tasks.

He is a hunter’s favorite because his small stature enables him to engage in hunting tirelessly the whole day. For dogs, the smaller the body size, the better the hunting capabilities. Other qualities associated with the Boykin Spaniel, for instance moderate agility and speed, are essential for flushing and retrieving prey. All spaniels have distinctively broad muzzles, hairy ears, sturdy build, and are amazingly intelligent. This description proves that the Boykin Spaniel is a perfect representation of the Spaniel family.

Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed. Body Type

In terms of body size, the Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed is comparable to the Cocker Spaniel, only that the former is slightly larger. It could have a taller tail but due to docking by the time the dog reaches three days, the tail is only one third long. Spaniels have unique types of head, and the Boykin Spaniel’s head is proof of this His head is characterized by parallel planes, and the expressions on the face indicate intelligence and alertness.

Since the eyes are wide-set, the dog gives a trusting look. The ears hang beside the cheeks, something which is typical of Spaniels. Generally, the dog’s body length from shoulders to buttocks should be more than the height measured at the shoulders.

Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed. Coat

The Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed has a double coat; a short, dense undercoat, and a flat wavy outer coat. Normally, the coat ranges from flat to slightly wavy. Such a glossy coat needs good and regular grooming. Therefore, owners might want to brush the Boykin Spaniel’s coat thrice or four times per week.

Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed. Color

The Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed has a solid color of brown, rich liver, or dark chocolate, which complements his amazing charm and energy. The toes and chest may have slight patches of white. Any white markings on other parts of the body are not allowed for the Boykin Spaniel.

Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed. Temperament

The Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed is considered one of the most loyal-looking dogs. The dog’s amber/yellow eyes are ever looking expectantly into the owner’s eyes as if asking what it should do next. Moreover, the dog is very obedient, docile, and pleasant to be with Even in water, the dog portrays amazing swimming skills. For dog owners who like to spend some time on the banks of the river, the Boykin Spaniel makes the times memorable. Only make sure that the dog’s ears are dried well afterwards to prevent infections.

The versatility of Boykin Spaniels is very likeable among pet owners. Dog owners say that each Boykin Spaniel has a unique personality. Probably, the exceptional sense of smell is the most valuable characteristic of this dog. However, this might sometimes lead the dog to an excursion not previously planned for If the dog shows aggression towards children and other dogs, some training can be used

With good leadership and constant communication, the Boykin Spaniel is a wonderful friend.

Boykin Spaniel Dog Breed. Tasty Tidbits

The Boykin Spaniel loves hunting so its natural instinct of working will be evident for most of its 12-15 lifetimes. Jogging, running, and walking with the dog daily will serve it well If you live in an apartment, don’t worry. The Boykin Spaniel is very adaptable as long as it has enough space to play. The trick is to have as many exercises for the dog because it will find ways of using its immense energy.

Thus, if you are going outdoors with the dog remember to carry along some tasty tidbits for him. Be careful to deduct this from the daily rations so that the dog does not add too much weight. The best tidbit is always complete dog food because it is non-messy and does not rot the teeth.

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