Bracco Italiano Dog Breed

Bracco Italiano Dog Breed

All Bracco Italiano Dog Breed Information: Bracco Italiano puppy, Bracco Italiano temperament, Bracco Italiano shed, Bracco Italiano size and much more! 🐩

Bracco Italiano Dog Breed

Bracco Italiano Dog Breed Information

Bracco Italiano, as the name suggests, is a breed of hunting dogs that are native to Italy. However, people have begun to discover how attractive and noble the Bracchi appear to be, with a pleasant personality, which makes them a great companion and a splendid show dog.

The Bracco Italiano Dog Breed is also referred to as the Italian Pointer since it is capable of pointing and retrieving, making it proficient at all types of hunting. Indoors, Bracchi can be calm and sweet. As long as they are trained with consistency and gentleness, they will always aim to please, though they may stop trying if sharp corrections are used While they are ever alert and may bark at strangers who approach, they do not make ideal guard dogs because they are too gentle. They are also good at mingling with children, dogs, people, and even cats if they are raised with them.

Bracco Italiano Dog Breed. Body type

The Bracco Italiano Dog Breed´s appear to be athletic and powerful, most resembling a cross between a Bloodhound and a German Shepherd, although they are nothing like these breeds in character. They have droopy upper lips and long ears as a result of which a serious expression is created. They shape of their body is nearly square, which means that their height at the withers is nearly the same as the length of their body.

However, they are not exactly square because that would compromise their famous front/rear extension and rear driving push off, and they would lose much of their powerful grace. Their tail can be docked, because when hunting in dense/rough terrain, there tends to be a strong potential of getting injured. However, some breeders are now working to breed Bracco Italianos with full tails. Male and female Bracchi stand nearly 22 to 26 inches tall at the shoulder, with the females slight shorter, and their weigh depends on their height, ranging from 55 to 88 pounds.

Bracco Italiano Dog Breed. Coat

The Bracco Italiano dogs have a coat that is dense, glossy, and short. The coat generally has a fairly hard texture, though on the ears, feet, head, and legs, the coat feels softer and tends to be shorter. They usually shed their coat a few times every year, and dead coat can be removed using a grooming mitt or hound glove so that they look sharp.

Bracco Italiano Dog Breed. Color

The color of the coat of Bracco Italiano Dog Breed is primarily white, but it can have dark amber, chestnut, roan-chestnut or speckled orange markings on the base of the tail, the body, ears, and face. Some Bracco Italiano dogs a fault, i.e. they have black on their coat or three different colors, such as an orange/white coat with chestnut spots above the eyes, muzzle and legs, like the pattern of a Doberman.

Bracco Italiano Dog Breed. Temperament

Bracco Italiano Dog Breed´s tend to be very fond of people and their strong need for closure with people leads them to thrive for human companionship. Despite being a hunting breed, if they are trained well they can get along quite nicely with other dogs and pets. As mentioned, they aim to please their masters, but obedience training is necessary for them and they tend to do much better if more is asked of them.

When it comes to this breed, harsh reprimands are usually not effective, unless absolutely necessary and are fair ones to remind them who is really in charge. Bracco Italianos rarely get aggressive, but they may bark or growl at strangers because of their constant alertness. Since they are hunters, it best to keep both their minds and senses entertained satisfactorily providing them with ample opportunities for both mental and physical exercise.

Bracco Italiano Dog Breed. Gait

When hunting, the gait of Bracco Italiano Dog Breed´s begins as a gallop, but as they come into scent, it tends to slow to a long trot. This trot tends to be fluid and long, with plenty of drive and reach. The gait keeps slowling as they continue coming closer to a scent, until it is nothing but a creep, and they ultimately settle into a non-moving “point,” where they usually hold their front leg up in the classic point position of dogs. They hold their head above the topline, with a developed and full musculature covering, which allows them to cover plenty of ground and makes them an attractive mover.

Bracco Italiano Dog Breed. Tasty Tidbits

Back in the early 20th century, the Bracco Italiano breed of dogs almost became extinct. Ferdinando Delor de Ferrabouc, an Italian breeder, and some other staunch Italian breeders joined hands to save this breed.

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