Bulldog Dog Breed

Bulldog Dog Breed

All Bulldog Dog Breed Information: Bulldog puppy, Bulldog temperament, Bulldog shed, Bulldog size and much more!

Bulldog Dog Breed

Bulldog Dog Breed Information

The English or British Bulldog is an old breed dating back to sixteenth century England, and French and American bulldog breeds also exist. The Bulldog Dog Breed was thought to have been developed by crossing mastiffs and pugs, specifically for bull baiting, and it gained its name from this and the fact that it has the look of a small bull, plus its determined temperament, of course. Bull baiting was only banned in the nineteenth century, and the bulldog at that time was an aggressive and ferocious dog because of its job. Today’s Bulldog Dog Breed has a very different temperament, fortunately, but is still very determined!

Bulldogs are medium-sized, smooth-coated dogs with a heavy head on a smaller, mastiff body and a gentle, benign attitude. They do need their daily walk in order to keep them in good condition and to satisfy their instinct to get out and about, and a healthy animal can move quite quickly for short periods, but they should never be allowed to over-exercise as they can overheat (or become chilled) easily.

Bulldog Dog Breed. Body type

The Bulldog Dog Breed is a medium-sized dog, with a relatively massive head and shoulders on an otherwise smaller, compact but powerful low-slung body of mastiff type. They stand around 12-16in (31-40cm) tall, with males weighing around 53-551bs (24-25kg) and females a little less. The dog has a short back, wide-set short legs and a tail that is either screwed or straight and is carried low.

The head is very large and strong, with deep-set eyes, extra skin falling in folds around the forehead and lips and small, high-set ears. The heavy jaw is undershot (giving a pugnacious look), very broad and square, and the muzzle is wide and very short with a broad, black nose. The head’s height and width should be roughly equal.

Bulldog Dog Breed. Coat

The Bulldog Dog Breed´s coat is very short and flat, uniformly compact with a strong shine and a smooth feel.

The main colours of the breed are, in order of preference, brindle (red being the favourite), solids (white being the best, black the worst, and red/fawn/fallow in the middle), and piebalds. Perfect examples of a less popular colour are considered better than inferior ones of a more popular one, however, and solid black, which almost ranks below the piebalds normally, is not so bad when it is the colour in a piebald coat.

The best brindles have the various colours of the coat distributed very finely and evenly all over the animal, and a small white patch on the chest in a brindle or solid is not considered a fault. A piebald dog should have well defined patches with no odd white hairs mixing into the colour or vice versa, and clean, clear colour patches in a balanced pattern over the body.

Bulldog Dog Breed. Temperament

Despite the rather intimidating first impression, the modern bulldog’s disposition is easy-going and benign, with a very dignified bearing and a gentle, amiable look that is confirmed by its behaviour. It is never aggressive or nasty, but very brave and steadfast, and extremely loyal. It gives the appearance of a most stable animal on its feet, with great strength and and energy in its rugged demeanour.

Whilst gentle and loyal, they can be dominant and must be taught that the human is the leader, as their instinct to protect can make them dangerous if they think they are in charge. When with their owner, therefore, they should always be taught to walk beside or behind, never in front, and must pass through doors after their human. It is not good for the dog to feel it must be the leader, in any case, as they can become stressed by the responsibility and will be much less happy than when living as a ‘follower’. On the other hand, the protective instinct does makes them very good guard dogs, of course.

Bulldogs love attention, seeking out human company every chance they get, and as long as they understand their position in the household correctly (ie, they are followers, not leaders) they are wonderful family pets, great with children and totally trustworthy with all people.

Bulldog Dog Breed. Tasty Tidbits

Bulldogs are perfectly content as ‘apartment’ dogs since they are quite happy to laze around while indoors! Their daily walks are necessary, however, since they can have a lot of energy, especially when young. It is important that they are not exposed to extremes of heat and cold, either through external temperature or through overheating in themselves – they can become chilled or overheated quickly and do not recover from either very easily. Even central heating and air-conditioning within the home can cause them problems if set outside temperate levels.

There are a few health issues with the breed, mostly caused by its extreme build. These include breathing difficulties, snoring and hip/knee problems — and it can be flatulent if given food other than its correct dog food! It is very important that the dog is given the correct amounts/type of food, and regular but not excessive exercise, as the above-mentioned problems can be badly exacerbated if the dog becomes overweight.

The Bulldog Dog Breed should be watched around water, as their heavy heads make it difficult for them to swim without going under, and the restricted respiratory function caused by the flat face can put them in danger during air flights.

Bulldogs live to an average of eight years or so, and average litter size is around four or five puppies, although the massive head and a tendency to weak labour often makes birth by caesarian section necessary. An unneutered male should have two equal-sized testicles, normal in appearance and fully descended, to be acceptable as a breeding animal.

Did you know … English bulldogs are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world; they are the sixth most popular breed in America generally, and in Los Angeles are actually the top breed. However, the only bulldog to live in the White House as ‘First Dog’ was Oh Boy, who belonged to President Warren G Harding, while celebrity bulldog owners include Reese Witherspoon, Ashley Olsen, Zac Efron, Leonardo DiCaprio, David Beckham, Hugh Jackman and Martha Stewart.

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