Can Dogs Have Oranges? All Important Info You Have To Know in This 2020!

Can Dogs Have Oranges? All Important Info You Have To Know in This 2020!

All you have to know about if Can dogs have oranges? Can you give dogs oranges? Can you feed dogs oranges? Feeding dogs oranges and much more! 🐩

Can Dogs Have Oranges

Can Dogs Have Oranges?

Can dogs have oranges? This is a question that any dog owner who is considering giving their dog this fruit has probably asked themselves. The truth is that dogs can have oranges and that with few exceptions they are good for them. Much like people dogs can benefit from the high nutritional value of an orange. However as is with the case with any new food that you give your dog you should start by giving him or her a small amount.

Although the likelihood of your dog having an issue with eating oranges is small, you still want to err on the side of caution. After all you probably care about your dog like a member of your family, and if that’s the case then their health is of the utmost importance. Can dogs have oranges? Well yes they can and unless they have a unique medical condition the orange is probably going to be good for them.

Oranges are known for being very high in vitamin c, which is great for both people’s and dog’s immune system. Since oranges are obviously good for you many people make the mistake of simply giving their dog as many oranges as hoot she wants. There are several reasons why this is not a good idea. First of all much like people dogs have allergies. It’s possible that your dog may be either allergic or intolerant to citrus fruits and if this is the case the last thing you want to do is aggravate them by feeding them a bunch of oranges.

Oranges are also acidic and could upset your dog’s stomach. Any dog owner should know that changes in diet can result in an upset stomach for your dog, and if you are giving them a new food such as an orange moderation is the key. If you decide to feed your dog an orange make sure that you peel it first. Orange peels are high in citrus oils which can cause a lot of stomach issue for your dog. Oranges are a great snack that many dogs will love, as long as you are cautious when you feed them to them your dog should benefit from their many healthy properties.

Can Dogs Have Oranges? Concluding

Can dogs have oranges? This is a question that any loving dog owner will ask before they decide to feed their dog a new treat. While oranges are usually quite safe for a dog to eat, it is important that you use common sense and good judgement when feeding them to your dog. Never give a dog a lot of a new type of food when they first start to eat it.

This is true for oranges or anything else you decide to introduce to their diet. Taking the time to be cautious when giving your dog oranges for the first time can help to prevent any of the unlikely issues that they may have with them. Once you are sure they tolerate them well, giving your dog a few slices of oranges each day is a great way to help ensure they remain happy and healthy for a long time.


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