English Mastiff Dog Breed

English Mastiff Dog Breed

All English Mastiff Dog Breed Information: English Mastiff puppy, English Mastiff temperament, English Mastiff shed, English Mastiff size and much more! 🐩

English Mastiff Dog Breed Information

English Mastiff Dog Breed Information

The English Mastiff is a large dog that is very different from other breeds of similar sizes. Although it can look frightening with its large size, large head, dark face and sober body colors, this breed is actually very friendly and loves the company of humans. It does not bully smaller animals and is always eager to please its masters. If you spend time with it, it will be very obedient and a very good companion. When neglected, it can be a little difficult to manage.

English Mastiff Dog Breed. Body type

The Mastiff is a tall and well-built dog. Both males and females are strong and well-structured. In terms of mass, the Mastiff is one of the largest breeds of dogs. There are other breeds that are taller, but their weight range is lower.

The head, with its broad skull, is more like a square in structure. The forelegs are set wide apart as the body has ample length and breadth. The large well-rounded chest stands imposingly in between the forelegs and extends a long way down to almost the elbows of the front legs. The body is muscular with well-rounded ribs and proportionate length. The back is flat, wide and muscular. Overall, any stranger who comes face to face with this dog will not only be impressed, but may also be frightened due to its imposing appearance.

English Mastiff Dog Breed. The Coat

English Mastiff Dog Breed’s coat is made up of closely growing short hair and it is slightly thicker over the shoulders, neck and the top of the body. Some individuals may have long hair, but this is very rare.

As far as shedding is concerned, the English Mastiff Dog Breed is an average shedder. The coat can be easily maintained by brushing with a firm bristle brush. This can be quickly accomplished. The coat will also gleam if you wipe it with a moist towel or cloth. An occasional bath and shampoo is enough to keep the coat looking good.

English Mastiff Dog Breed. Color

The common colors for the English Mastiff are fawn and apricot. Brindle is also common with a base of fawn or apricot colors and dark stripes. The face and facial features are always dark and it looks as though the dog is wearing a dark mask. In fact, individuals with a darker face are considered better, especially the muzzle, nose, ears and the areas surrounding the eyes. A small patch of white color on the chest is quite common and acceptable.

Each color has different shade variants. The commonly found shade for the fawn color is light. Some can have a darker shade closer to golden yellow. The apricot color can vary from light (only an indication of red) to a rich and deep red. The brindle stripes are ideally thick in clear even stripes, but individuals with fainter, patchy and uneven stripes are also not uncommon.

Other colors like a brown (instead of black) face and black coat with blue brindle are also seen, but these are rare cases.

English Mastiff Dog Breed. Temperament

While the Mastiff is impressive in size, color and build, it is the temperament of this dog that is truly a surprise for such a large and strong animal. While it is an excellent guard dog and can use its strength if required, it is never aggressive and will not normally cause injury to strangers or animals.

It is rare to see a Mastiff barking. The English Mastiff Dog Breed is dignified, friendly and assertive in its outward behavior. Hence, shyness or aggressiveness are not signs of good behavior in a Mastiff. You should also not judge it by its ability to impress by putting on an elaborate show.

Unlike other large dogs, which can bite or cause injury, the English Mastiff Dog Breed almost never has to become that aggressive to have its will. Its large size and no-nonsense looks and behavior is imposing enough to elicit respect from others. When faced with a situation in which containment of a person is necessary, it usually corners the person instead of biting.

Due to their gentle temperament, Mastiffs are safe even with kids or other pets that may trouble it. They are protective and will defend their territory and the family that they are part of when the need arises. This makes them excellent guard dogs, which do their jobs silently and effectively. Guarding its territory and family comes instinctively to this dog without any special training.

English Mastiff Dog Breed. Tasty tidbits

Mastiffs are not very agile and hence are not suitable for dog sports which require a lot of running around or agility. With proper training, they are very obedient and this training should be continued throughout life.

Keeping them presentable is not difficult. Regular brushing of the coat is the daily care that is needed. An occasional bath when needed will do nicely. The nails have to be cut to size and ears cleaned. If the coat has long hair, especially below the face, on the buttocks, etc., it can be trimmed for a neater appearance.

Mastiffs, like all large dogs, need regular exercise and will enjoy a daily walk. Other than that, they are rather lazy, preferring to laze around or be with or near people. They love attention and petting, and hence get along very well with humans.

Puppies have to be fed several times a day depending on their age. As they grow up it is necessary to reduce the number of meals in a day. Young growing Mastiffs need to be fed twice a day. Adults need only one meal, usually in the morning. Over feeding will most likely lead to indigestion or obesity, both of which are very undesirable.

The English Mastiff Dog Breed is a great dog to have if you love dogs and won’t have a problem keeping it indoors. This dog requires love and attention and will be an affectionate and obedient companion for everyone in the family.


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