French Brittany Dog Breed 2020 Information: you will love this dog!

French Brittany Dog Breed 2020 Information: you will love this dog!

All French Brittany Dog Breed Information: French Brittany puppy, French Brittany temperament, French Brittany shed, French Brittany size and much more! 🐩

French Brittany Dog Breed

French Brittany Dog Breed Information

The French Brittany is an alert, energetic sporting dog. The breed originated in France, in a region known as Brittany. These dogs were originally bred to hunt various types of birds, as well as rabbits and other small game.

There are a few discrepancies regarding the name of breed and sub-breeds between various kennel clubs. In the United States, many breeders recognize the American Brittany and the French Brittany. One of the main differences between the two breeds, according to many clubs in America, is the addition of the English Setter genes to the French variety. However, this has not been proven and many breeders deny this occurrence. According to U.S. Clubs, the American Brittany is generally larger than the French.

The word Spaniel has been dropped from the breed’s name in the United States. This occurred in 1982 because breeders and club members stated that the breed and its habits more closely resembled those of pointers and retrievers.

This wonderful breed can trace its history back to the turn of the 19th century. The first real records appeared in 1902, in France. However, the dog did not make its appearance in North America until the 1930s.

French Brittany Dog Breed Body Type

The overall appearance should be that of a lean, sleek, agile animal. Considered a medium sized breed, it is sometimes described as being compact and rugged. A trim, fit dog should weigh between 30 and 40 pounds (14 to 18 kg). The height of the dog, which is measured from the withers to the floor, should be between 17 and 21 inches (43 to 53 cm). Dogs which do not fit these restrictions may be faulted or disqualified.

The French Brittany Dog Breed must be balanced in appearance. The dog should be as long as it is high. To correctly measure the dog, a person would measure the length of the body from the posternum to the dog’s bottom A dog might be faulted if it has a body which is too long.

The tail of the animal should be no more than four inches (10 cm). Many of these dogs are born tailless, which is not a fault. Historically, dogs in this breed, which had long tails, were docked. However, this procedure is now prohibited in many countries.

The ears of the dog should be set high on the dog’s head, slightly above eye level. The nicely rounded ears should be about half the length of the dog’s nose. They should not have a lot of fringe. A dog which has excessively long, pendulous ears may be faulted.

The eyes of the dog should be bright and alert. They should not be sunk into the skull nor should they protrude. The optimum color for the eye is a dark brown. However, lighter colors are not faulted. The dog should have thick eyebrows to protect the eyes.

The skin of the dog should be slightly loose. However, pouches are not desirable.

French Brittany Dog Breed The Coat

The coat of the dog should be flat and dense but not curly. It should have a coarse feel rather than silky. The hair on the feet of the dog may be slightly longer.

Excessively long feathers or a curly may be faulted.

The breed has a wide range of colors with liver, orange and white being acceptable. Additionally, the coat can be roan patterned or clear. Tri colored coats are permitted in the show ring but are not preferred.

The American Kennel Club considers black to be a color disqualification, as does the Canadian Kennel Club. However, the United Kennel club will only disqualify albinos. Washed-out or dull colors are faulted by all clubs.

French Brittany Dog Breed Temperament

French Brittany Dog Breed is generally a sweet natured, loving animal. They are good family pets. As sporting dogs this breed has to have a steady, reliable temperament. They should not be flighty or nervous. Nor should they be aggressive or shy. Brittanys generally get along well with other dogs and children.

They are eager to please and quick to learn. A firm yet gentle hand is required when training. The breed does not respond well to strict or harsh handling.

French Brittany Dog Breed is a hunting dog and as such they have a lot of energy. They require a lot of daily exercise both physical and metal. Dogs which do not get enough exercise may develop undesirable habits.

French Brittany Dog Breed Tasty Tidbits

The breed gained recognition by the United Kennel Club in 1948.

The United Kennel Club refers to the breed as the Brittany. They do not differentiate between the French and the American.

The average life of this dog is about twelve years.

The Brittany is recognized by numerous kennel clubs worldwide including the United Kennel Club, the Canadian Kennel Club and the American Kennel Club.

The Brittany requires minimal grooming.

Depending upon the kennel club, the breed is placed in either the sporting group or the gundog group.


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