German Shepherd Dog Breed

German Shepherd Dog Breed

All German Shepherd Dog Breed Information: German Shepherd puppy, German Shepherd temperament, German Shepherd shed, German Shepherd size and much more! 🐩

German Shepherd Dog Breed Information

German Shepherd Dog Breed Information

A German Shepherd is a very strong and agile breed of dog. They have a good reputation as being intelligent and being loyal. They have a body that is muscle and overall, they are well built. They are also very energetic, especially as a puppy. They have a long body and they are medium height. They have many curves that are smooth and all over the body rather than defined angles.

This durable body gives the impression that they are strong and very agile. They are considered to be a top quality breed of dog. They are also highly respected due to the fact that they often help with important work such as with law enforcement. They are working dogs that love something to do. They don’t enjoy lazy time of nothing going on around them. They are loyal to their master and those they trust. They are very curious and also very eager to please. This makes them a great candidate for finding clues and investigations.

German Shepherd Dog Breed Body Type

While a German Shepherd dog isn’t heavy or tall, they have a depth to them that is hard to match. They are solid in terms of their muscles and their overall strength. They have a powerful chest that extends down to the legs. They also have a defined shoulder area that leads to the head of the body. They have long ribs that aren’t round but they aren’t flat either. The sternum reaches all the way to the elbows. This allows the dog to freely move during trotting motions.

The abdominal area of the German Shepherd is very firm and it has tight muscles. There is a moderate tucking of the bottom of it into the shape of the back. They have a loin region that is very strong and it is also wide. The tail is bushy and it features the end vertebrae that extends to the hock or beyond. The tail is smooth though and sits low on the croup, with a slight curve at the end.

When a German Shepherd dog becomes excited, the tail is in motion. The curve causes the tail to raise up. However, it will be in a vertical line and not curled forward. If such a breed of dog has a docked tail or one that is genetically short, it can be clumped at the end. They won’t be able to qualify due to this in competitions.

German Shepherd Dog Breed Coat

A quality coat for a German Shepherd is medium length that is doubled. The inner coat is dense and the hair is straight. It will lay very close to the body. The outer layer is wavy and it has the same texture as a wire. The area around the legs, paws, muzzle, and ears offers hair that is short. The hair on the neck area will be thicker and longer. There is also longer hair featured on the rear and the forelegs of a German Shepherd.

Some of the faults that can be found with this breed of dog in reference to their coat includes the hair being too soft, the hair being silky, the outer coat being too long and too curly, and the dog featuring an open coat. The shades of colors can vary for the German Shepherd dog. Colors that are deep and vibrant get better results in competitions, but almost all of the colors are allowed except for those that are white.

Those that have faded and pale coloring aren’t going to score as well. Beige with black are the most common colors but there are plenty of this breed that are solid black.

German Shepherd Dog Breed Temperament

German Shepherd Dog Breed personality is one that is fearless and bold. However, this breed of dog isn’t hostile. They are confident and they tend to be very curious about their surroundings. It takes time for them to trust, but they are very loyal to those that they befriend. They have to be trained to be social even though they can be quite aloof when it comes to strangers. They like to protect their territory.

German Shepherd Dog Breed is very energetic, and it requires daily work or physical activity such as walks and jumping. They need this type of workout in order to help them expel their energy levels. If they don’t get it, they can experience a change in temperament.

For competition, the dog must be approachable and stand confidently and quietly. Yet the dog should also be alert and eager if the situation demands it. They have to be in good physical condition and they have to be able to serve various roles.

This includes leading the blind, herding, watchdog, and a guardian. It all depends on what the situation may warrant at any given point in time. The dog can’t be timid or hide behind the master. They can’t exhibit nervous behaviors or show expressions of anxiety. Such expressions can include making whimpers or other unusual sounds. Tucking the tail is also a sign of anxiety or nervousness.

If they don’t have the confidence for the given environment, then it doesn’t show that particular German Shepherd in the best light. These are very serious penalties in competition. It could be enough for the dog to be asked to leave the ring.

The judge should be able to approach the German Shepherd and examine the testicles and the teeth without incident. If the dog growls or attempts to bite the judge, then they will be disqualified from the competition. The ideal German Shepherd it a worker and they have the best character. They have a body that is suitable for such purposes.

German Shepherd Dog Breed Tasty Tidbits

This breed of dog exhibits a very gentle temperament and they are very confident. They listen to their master and obey their orders. They are curious about their surroundings and highly intelligent. They are quite vigilant and that is why they are the #1 breed used in the world of police dog training. There are many dog breeds in the world but the German Shepherd is considered to be one of the most reliable and most amazing of all work dogs.

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