How to get a Dog to Stop Biting People

How to get a Dog to Stop Biting People

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How to get a Dog to Stop Biting

How to get a Dog to Stop Biting

Every year, about four and a half million people are bitten by dogs in the United States. At least a fifth of these victims of dog bites end up requiring medical attention. Most of the victims are children under the age of fifteen who are seen by aggressive dogs as easy victims due to their small body size. That´s the reason why we make this guide about How to get a Dog to Stop Biting.

Any dog can bite as canine aggression is part of their nature inherited from their wild ancestors. However, dogs are also social animals and can therefore be trained with considerable ease to stop aggression. The following is a complete guide on how to get a dog to stop biting, whether it is a puppy or a full grown adult.

How to get a Dog to Stop Biting: Teach your Dog to be Gentle (Bite Inhibition)

Mouthing and nibbling are part of a dog’s way of socializing with other dogs and humans. However, an untrained dog is unaware that the human skin is much more sensitive and that what would pass for a gentle nibble on another dog can be painful and even draw blood on human skin.

Bite inhibition is therefore a method of training the dog so that its playful bites are gentle enough not to hurt a human. Many dogs learn bite inhibition early in life during play activity. If you have watched two puppies play, you will have noticed that this invariably involves plenty of mouthing and nibbling at each other as they pounce and wrestle.

If one puppy happens to bite the other in a way that hurts, the dog hurt puppy will invariably yelp out in pain and stop playing. The two puppies will stop playing for a while and gradually resume the play and the offender will try to be gentler with their nibbling.

When you play with your dog, proffer your hands often to encourage nibbling and biting. If the dog bites too hard, immediately withdraw your hand and imitate a yelp. When the dog makes a gentle nib, compliment him with praise words and pats. Repeat this process no more than thrice every fifteen minutes.

How to get a Dog to Stop Biting: Train your Dog to Know it is Wrong to Bite a Human

After successfully training your dog to be gentle with teeth, it is time to teach him that dog’s teeth do not belong on human skin. The following tips will prove invaluable for the purpose:

  • Always keep a chew bone or toy handy which you can give the dog when she tries to gnaw at hands or toes.
    Encourage the dog to engage in non-contact form of play such as fetching and tug-of-war instead of rough play with your hands or wrestling.
  • Provide plenty of opportunity for your dog to play with other dogs provided you are certain they are vaccinated and trained in bite inhibition.
  • Avoid waving your hand or a chew toy in front of your dog’s face to prompt him to play. This only encourages the dog to snap and bite hard. The same can be said about the practice of slapping the sides of the dog’s face as a prompt for them to begin playing.
  • Never resort to slapping or other forms of punishment as they can only make the problem of aggression and biting worse.


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