The Blue Lacy Dog Breed

The Blue Lacy Dog Breed

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Blue Lacy Dog Breed

Blue Lacy Dog Breed Information

The Blue Lacy Dog Breed or Lacy Dog breed is a good working dog that came from Texas in the mid-19th century. This dog was the only type to have come from that particular state. The Lacy dog first appeared in 2001 by the Senate of Texas and in the Senate Resolution No. 436, the 77th Legislature reported that the Lacy dog was a “true Texas breed “. From June 2005, Rick Perry Governor, signed a legislation that said he was adopting the Blue Lacy as “the official State Dog Breed of Texas”. They are a good dog if you want them to round up cattle or hogs.

Blue Lacy Dog Breed

Blue dogs can be black as they have genes that can affect the blackness in their coats, they are called “dilutes” and their black turns to blue. Thanks to this dilution, the black and chocolate colored dogs are turned into blues and grays. A black dog who has the dilution gene will then become blue and a silver dog becomes Isabella.. Their nose can either be black, slate, or a fleshy color. Dilution can also affect the color of the iris so the dark pigment in the eye will become lighter, and their eyes can turn from a dark brown to light brown or amber to yellow.

Most blue lacys are typically blue because they have the strong black gene but there is also another way to make a Blue Lacy dog. It is a very rare color called A Recessive Blue Lacy. All Blue lacys will produce different colored puppies so if breeding for a particular color it will be helpful to know what color pups are going to be produced. Everyone has different preferences as to the color but generally the Blue Lacy is the most popular color.

Blue Lacy Dog Breed. Body Type

A Blue Lacy, the Texas State dog, stands attentively against autumn foliage.

The Blue Lacy Dog Breed is very fast and strong and is also light in build. It is also proportional in the weight to height ratio. The Lacy dogs range from 13 to 21 inches ( 46 to 53cm ). The weight should be around 25Ib to 45 lbs ( 11 to 20kg) for the females and 35Ib to 50Ib ( 16 to 23kg ) for the male dog, depending on the height and working condition. They had a standard listing in the Texas House Concurrent Resolution No. 108 which is slightly different, with the height being around 18 to 25 inches ( 46 to 63 cm) and the weight range from 30Ib to 50Ibs () 14 to 23 kg ) but this only became official in 2005.

These dogs love to be active and to round hogs and cattle up as this is what they are made to do. They can be very quick and agile and are off like a shot when commanded. You can rely on the Lacy dog to get the work done thanks to their lean bodies and quick minds. They love to keep active so a daily walk is recommended.

Blue Lacy Dog Breed. Coat

The coat on the Blue Lacy Dog Breed should always be smooth tight and short. If the dog has long or a rough coat then that would be a disqualification. The dogs only require a little grooming so is an ideal dog if you don’t have the time to constantly groom the dog. Their coats are usually smooth and clean in appearance. They are quite hardy dogs and only require a brush down two or three times a week and the occasional bath. They don’t moult much and can be inside or outside dogs as long as they are kept warm and dry.

Blue Lacy Dog Breed. Color

There are actually three color varieties of the Blue Lacys. Blues being the first one which includes any shade of gray from dark charcoal to light silver. The Reds can be anything from Rust all the way through to light cream in color. Then there is the Tri which has a blue base and red markings that are distinct for the trim. The Tri colored Lacy can be referred to as” Pumkins”. Any blue shading or trim on the red Lacy is allowed but the white should be on the brisket and can stretch from the chin all the way to the groin area.

Any excessive white is frowned on and should only be seen on one or more paws. Any excessive white or marking on the dogs face or over the mid line are also a disqualification. The eyes should be alert and sharp and can range from rich brown to bright yellow in color.

Blue Lacy Dog Breed. Temperament

Lacy dogs are very intelligent and also love to keep active and alert. They can be intense as they are meant to be both herding and hunting dogs. They have a strong drive and determination to control difficult livestock. They are easily trained and learn new skills very quickly. They are good with children as have a good temperament.

They don’t like to be shouted at though and prefer for the commands to be soft or stern. They will protect their property and make excellent companions. They need a calm leader who is assertive and who can give clear rules to them They are very intelligent dogs and can be quickly trained to do many tasks. If you want an energetic dog who also has a good temperament then the Blue Lacy is a good choice.

Blue Lacy Dog Breed. Tasty Tidbits

Overall the Blue Lacy Dog Breed are very healthy dogs and meet the high standards of Texas hunters and ranchers. They are quite sturdy dogs who can withstand tough terrain and other hard working conditions. However they do tend to suffer from occasional skin problems and can also have food allergies. The color dilution alopecia is very rare but does occur from time to time in the Lacy dog.

They are known to replace a cowboy by five times and can be relied upon to get the job done. They are a good all rounder and needs lots of mental stimulation. They also need to be active for a large part of the day. So if you are thinking of getting a Blue Lacy dog then if its for a pet or for a working dog, you are making the right choice.

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