Top 5 Dog Breeds for Small Children.

Top 5 Dog Breeds for Small Children.

Top 5 Dog Breeds for Small Children

Children love dogs. For many first horns and single kids, dogs provide the much needed companionship and playfulness that a child needs when growing up. Dogs have become an important component of the American family and they help in imparting various qualities in a child such as responsibility and the ability to bond with others which are usually the main reasons most parents adopt a dog in the first place.

Top 5 Dog Breeds for Small Children

Children are generally more sensitive to an animal’s feelings and can relate to them better than adults and thus by feeding, walking, cleaning up and playing with their dog or dogs, children not only learn to be responsible but also get to bond with the animal and most often commit to keeping it happy while at the same learning to love something apart from their immediate family and friends.

People who grew up with pets are usually sensitive and compassionate to animals and nature in general and that is something that we sorely need in Humanity right now.

There are several factors which should be taken into consideration when choosing a dog breed for children. These factors include:

1.The age of the Children and the size of the Dog. Some dog breeds are not suitable for very young children. Generally, very young children can be very rough with small dogs which can lead to the dog nipping at the child and avoiding them altogether. At the same time, very large breeds especially playful breeds like Golden Retrievers can easily knock over small children thus such breeds are better for older, more mature children while medium sized breeds are best suited for toddlers.

2.The Character and Temperament of the Children. If a child is supposed to have full responsibility of the dog then the character and temperament of the dog should match that of the child. Some dogs like Labradors need a lot of exercise on a daily basis and as such is suitable for active, outdoor loving children who will have no problem exercising them as they play outside. Indoor loving children who nonetheless love dogs can own low exercise loving breeds like the Bullmastiff and even the Greyhound.

3.The Cost of maintaining the Dog. The health and well being has to be constantly factored into the family budget and research done on the best kind of food each breed required though there are some foods that are common to all dogs such as meat. Most dog feeds can beaten by all breeds though high energy feeds for some dog breeds are available.

Constant checkups at the Vet are to be scheduled in advance and also routine procedures such as grooming the dog. It is better to buy an expensive top quality breed than a cheap $100 puppy as the top breeds are cheaper to maintain in the long run as they fall less sick and have been bred to avoid the several genetic diseases that afflict many dog breeds as they age.

4.The Child/Children’s preference. In as much as parents claim to know better, it is best for the child to visit an animal shelter and look at which kind of breed they prefer and would most likely bond with before getting one from the local breeder.

5.Look at the AKC recommendations. The American Kernel Club has the best information on the various dog breeds that are suitable for families and children and it is worth taking a look at their recommendations when looking for a suitable dog breed.

6. The Dog’s behavior. Sometimes even when a suitable dog breed is found and the child likes the dog, the dog may not like the child back . A dog should be curious and responsive to the attention the child gives them rather than being disinterested or even aggressive towards the kids. If such behavior is exhibited, the dog should be returned immediately.

Taking these factors into consideration, there are several dog breeds that satisfy most of the above conditions and have been highly rated by dog owning families, dog breeders and the American Kernel Club. The Top 5 Dog Breeds for Small Children rated are:

Top 5 Dog Breeds for Small Children. Labrador Retriever

This is actually the most popular breed in the United States due to its large number of desirable qualities. Labradors always want to please their allIpack’ which is why they are so easy to train and as a result they are some of the most widely used breeds for various functions by Americans ranging from hunting to law enforcement.

Their gentle nature makes them one of the few large breeds that can safely interact with small children when trained of course. Labrador retrievers are considered to be the one of best dogs for children to grow up with once the child is 18 months and over . Children often have fond memories of growing up playing fetch with this dog breed that was born and bred to retrieve things.

Top 5 Dog Breeds for Small Children. Bull Terrier

Contrary to popular opinion, the Bull Terrier is not an aggressive attack dog, looks aside. The dog was actually bred to be a companion dog and is a friendly dog especially to children. It is most suited for large families and outdoor loving kids as it requires plenty of exercise. It is considered ideal for growing children as it can tolerate the rough treatment young kids often give dogs and can be used to train children on how to properly train dogs. The Bull Terrier often rewards those who treat it well with loyalty and thus is highly protective of their owners and their children.

Top 5 Dog Breeds for Small Children. The Golden Retriever

Loyalty, Patience and Play defines this breed making it an enjoyable companion to children who will never get bored with this dog around. Like the Labrador, it is an easy breed to train new tricks and has a balanced character, being neither shy nor aggressive. These traits makes it one of the most desirable breeds among families in the United States. However, due to its playful character, it is better suited for children who are at least 2 years old.

Top 5 Dog Breeds for Small Children. The Coolie

This breed became popular after the TV show Lassie. Originally bred as a farm dog used to keep sheep and goats together in a herd, it has evolved to have a mild and gentle character and loves to please children . It is easy to train due to its long companionship with humans and is highly protective of their owners and all their property. This dog breed however requires regular grooming due to their long hair.

Top 5 Dog Breeds for Small Children. The Newfoundland

The most saintly(in behavior) of dogs. No dog breed is kinder, gentler, protective or more patient than this dog thus making it an ideal dog for young children. Indeed, almost everyone falls in love with this breed due to its gentle characteristics. However, only families with wide open spaces can keep this dog as this is the environment it was bred for. It needs a bit more maintenance than other breeds as it sheds a lot and is also a drooler.

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