What Can I Give my Dog for Constipation?All Important Info You Have To Know in This 2020!

What Can I Give my Dog for Constipation?All Important Info You Have To Know in This 2020!

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What Can I Give my Dog for Constipation

What Can I Give my Dog for Constipation?

Dogs are known to suffer from constipation a great deal. Usually, when your dog is suffering from this condition; you will notice an absence, difficulty or an infrequent defecation. Constipation in dogs has a number of causes. Before caring for your constipated dog, it is vital that you establish the reason behind the constipation.

This way, it will be easier to determine the remedy that best suits the occasion. Ingestion of foreign material like hair, lack of adequate water intake and drugs side effects are among the major causes of constipation in dogs. Before you determine what you can give your dog for constipation, it is recommended that you study what your dog has ingested in the past few days.

Constipation occurs when the stool is too hard to be passed by a dog. It is expected that a dog passes stool twice a day. However, not all dogs do the same as the defecation rates depends on diet.

When you notice that your dog has not passed stool in more than two days, chances are that it is constipated. When stool is retained in a dog’s colon for more than two days, it loses its water content and becomes too dry. However, this should not make you assume that your dog is not constipated provided it is passing stool on a daily basis. Check ease of defecation, if there is a change of size in stool and your dog finds it difficult to defecate it could be constipated.

What can I give my dog for constipation? Here, the answer

This will be the next question you ask yourself. Water is an important solution to constipation. It is needed to flash the dogs intestines, the flashing process will help eject the hard stool from the colon. Aside from water, milk is known to alleviate constipating. Give your dog a bowl of milk, just like water, the milk helps flash the colon. Other homemade remedies include giving your dog a tablespoon of oil, preferably salmon or olive oil or giving it foods rich in fiber like pumpkin.

The lubricating effect of the oils makes it easier for the dog to pass out the stool. If the home remedies do not work for you, seek the advice of a veterinarian on what laxatives are best for your dog’s condition. If your dog is suffering from drug induced constipation, the veterinarian will help you determine whether or not to change the drugs or how best to feed your dogs when under such medication.

Since constipation is an avoidable condition, you are advice to eliminate all constipation triggers from your dog’s diet. Feed your dog with a diet rich in fiber; fiber is essential for digestion. Additionally, give your dog enough water as it is essential for keeping the stool and colon lubricated.

Dehydration is a major cause of constipation. Aside from the diet, ensure to engage your dog in an extensive exercise routine. Exercise aids in digestion and loosening of stool. Ensuring that your dog gets a good diet and enjoys an extensive exercise regime is the surest way of avoiding the question what can I give my dog for constipation.

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